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Ages 8-11 & Ages 12+

Our Recreational I level of training is for both entry level dancers and for those "just for fun" dancers that enjoy their night of dance as an added activity to their lives. A large number of our students go through this level of training and gain so many life lessons along the way. This level is offered to ages 8-11 and 12+ dancers. In this program, dancers can mix & match any classes and can also mix & match levels should their teacher feel they excel in a certain area. Classes at this level will only perform in one show at our year-end recital.


Ages 8-11 & Ages 12+

Advanced Recreational II is for dancers that want to train at a more advanced level, but also balance a school sport or other outside activity. These dancers are not sure if they will continue dance after high school, but still desire an accelerated form of dance training. Dancers in Advanced Recreational II must take a minimum of 2 core classes (Tap/Jazz/Ballet) and be open to an accelerated style of teaching. Dancers may mix levels with teacher recommendation. This level may perform in more than one show at the year-end recital.





The foundation of ALL styles of dance, ballet is highly recommended for all dancers. Our instructors
use Dance Master’s of America syllabus with the Cecchetti ballet method to ensure each dancer proper training at any level.  Ballet dance promotes self confidence, improved posture, flexibility, core strength, spinal alignment, self control and so much more. Advanced Recreational II students should meet with their Ballet instructor to talk about whether they are ready to safely go on Pointe. It is important that dancers wait until their bodies are ready to join pointe class. Pointe students will learn pointe shoe anatomy & safety along with correct body placement, posture, strength and control. We promote safe, healthy progress in our Pointe classes.

In addition to classical ballet we also include Lyrical, Contemporary, Modern & Improvisational classes for Advanced Recreational II students.


Jazz dance is an umbrella term that can refer to several related dance styles. All of them are connected via common roots, namely ballet, jazz music, and African-American rhythms from as far back as the 1800's. Using classic jazz terminology and up to date choreography to upbeat popular music, this is our most popular class to date. Classes consist of proper warm-up stretch techniques, center floor combinations & choreography, across the floor progressions, leaps, jumps & turns. Our jazz classes may include Theater Jazz, Character Jazz, African & Funk Jazz techniques. This is a fun, fast paced class!

“A form of dance using rhythmic sounds with the feet” … a great way to have fun and great exercise at any age. Using a graded system of tap technique alongside DMA National Standards, our instructors offer a wide variety of styles for you to enjoy. Students will progressively learn time steps, rhythmic patterns, tap terminology and more. Tap dance increases coordination, fine motor skills, musicality, stage presence, and self-confidence!


A unique style of dance emphasizing spinal flexibility, balance & counter balance skills, control and strength. Acrobatics has become a favorite among the younger dancers who like to stretch, bend and tumble. Dancers are introduced to acrobatics at the preschool level and are able to continue that interest into the kinder level and beyond to young adult. Beginning with forward rolls & cartwheels to more advanced aerial, contortion and balance skills following the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus Program, acrobatics is a great form of strength building exercise. Acrobatics dancers must be in good physical health to participate.


Hip-hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles such as breaking, popping, locking, commercial/industry, lyrical hip-hop, etc. All of our hip-hop classes implement the history of hip-hop dance styles, age appropriate movement and technical terminology.


Students enrolled in Hip-Hop levels II, III and IV are eligible to audition for our Competitive Hip-Hop Crew. Dancers participating on Hip-Hop Crew must be enrolled in the appropriate level Hip-Hop technique class and a second class of their choice as well as summer training, workshops, and all Crew rehearsals. The competitive performance opportunity is a personal choice for both dancers & families and requires a strong work ethic and dedication to their Crew & training schedule.

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